Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I'm 27 weeks and 4 days.

I've felt like a bit of an eating machine the past few weeks. All I think about is food. Mostly bad food. But I've been eating my 5 a day (which isn't hard as I'm veggie so pretty much everything I eat is either a fruit or a vegetable), and have been careful to eat all the different food groups...brown rice for fibre, spinach and watercress and broccoli for iron, eggs and milk and lots of tofu for protein (I didn't eat a lot of dairy before being pregnant) etc etc. I'm a keen cook so it's not been difficult to think and care about what I'm eating, it's an essential mum worry after all. I don't think I've had any cravings as such, unless chocolate counts. I have been drawn to pineapples though. Mmmm pineapple. But the food machine days seem to be over, at least temporarily, because I'm struggling to eat much at all without feeling stuffed. I think baby's taking up all the room. Advice is to eat little and often rather than big meals, which suits me fine as then I get to snack more!

I've been stuck at home as I'm signed off work with back-ache, so I've taken the opportunity to up my mum skills and do more baking. I need to move from sweet baking to savoury, as baking bread is on my list of mum skills I have to master before baby comes. Other skills on the list include learn to crochet and mastering the art of quilting.

In other news the back-ache is continuing to make life hell, and now at night my hips hurt so much I have to turn over every half hour and wake up wanting to cry. I've tried a special big pillow that goes under bump and between my knees, but it doesn't help. This next 3 months had better fly by.

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