Wednesday, 25 April 2012

F is for Fort

I can remember how happy building, and sitting in, dens made me when I was a kid. I like the word den more than fort, as it makes me think of foxes, but since "den" seems to mean living room in American it's better to use the word fort online. Ours mostly consisted of a couple of sheets strung over chairs or a table, and yet once inside it felt so cozy and safe. Since did a forts competition a while ago, before the Where the Wild Things Are film came out (most disappointing film ever), I've been aching to build more. I know they're not stictly baby-related, but it's something to look forward to! When we have a proper nursery/kids room I'd like her to have some kind of indoor wendy house/fort. These are some of my favourite forts from the Wild Things project, and some of my favourite kids' forts/play-houses I've seen online...

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fun times ahead! x

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