Wednesday, 25 April 2012

F is for Fort

I can remember how happy building, and sitting in, dens made me when I was a kid. I like the word den more than fort, as it makes me think of foxes, but since "den" seems to mean living room in American it's better to use the word fort online. Ours mostly consisted of a couple of sheets strung over chairs or a table, and yet once inside it felt so cozy and safe. Since did a forts competition a while ago, before the Where the Wild Things Are film came out (most disappointing film ever), I've been aching to build more. I know they're not stictly baby-related, but it's something to look forward to! When we have a proper nursery/kids room I'd like her to have some kind of indoor wendy house/fort. These are some of my favourite forts from the Wild Things project, and some of my favourite kids' forts/play-houses I've seen online...

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Monday, 16 April 2012

bump diary

27 weeks - today (28 weeks and 3 days).

Hey big belly! And hello sensible black maternity dresses (I now have THREE! Seems a bit frivolous but they'll all fit me for at least a few weeks post-baby while I'm rocking a big jelly belly). The salmon pink skirt is from ASOS, I ordered a selection of their maternity wear and had fun trying it all on...I kept 3 or 4 things and sent the rest back. I even got a pair of stretchy maternity jeans! They're an "under the bump" kind without the big belly band, they just have stretchy bit around the pockets, so I think I'll wear them post-pregnancy too. The black dress in the last picture was from ebay and I really like it, I feel much less dumpy than I do in a lot of the maternity stuff I've tried on (most of it drowns me and makes me look as fat as I feel). I've not bought so many clothes since I was a student (I probably buy about 5 items of clothing a year), but I think I've got enough to last me now and I can always sell them on ebay once baby comes.


Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I'm 27 weeks and 4 days.

I've felt like a bit of an eating machine the past few weeks. All I think about is food. Mostly bad food. But I've been eating my 5 a day (which isn't hard as I'm veggie so pretty much everything I eat is either a fruit or a vegetable), and have been careful to eat all the different food groups...brown rice for fibre, spinach and watercress and broccoli for iron, eggs and milk and lots of tofu for protein (I didn't eat a lot of dairy before being pregnant) etc etc. I'm a keen cook so it's not been difficult to think and care about what I'm eating, it's an essential mum worry after all. I don't think I've had any cravings as such, unless chocolate counts. I have been drawn to pineapples though. Mmmm pineapple. But the food machine days seem to be over, at least temporarily, because I'm struggling to eat much at all without feeling stuffed. I think baby's taking up all the room. Advice is to eat little and often rather than big meals, which suits me fine as then I get to snack more!

I've been stuck at home as I'm signed off work with back-ache, so I've taken the opportunity to up my mum skills and do more baking. I need to move from sweet baking to savoury, as baking bread is on my list of mum skills I have to master before baby comes. Other skills on the list include learn to crochet and mastering the art of quilting.

In other news the back-ache is continuing to make life hell, and now at night my hips hurt so much I have to turn over every half hour and wake up wanting to cry. I've tried a special big pillow that goes under bump and between my knees, but it doesn't help. This next 3 months had better fly by.

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bouncy Ball

I went to physio for my back about a week ago, and one of the things they recommended was getting a birthing ball to sit on. I dutifully popped to Argos and got myself a gym ball (I'm hoping they are pretty much the same thing), and have been sitting on it most of the day every day since. I quite enjoy rocking around on it while sewing at the table. It seems to help relieve some of the tension in my lower back and makes me sit up straight, but it hasn't had much/any effect on my upper back-ache. Still, every little helps. Plus now I've got it for the early stages of labour too (eek!)

Pink for a girl

I am really keen on not opting into the whole pink for a girl thing, I'm all about the primary colours and pretty white tiny baby clothes. But it's extremely hard to resist. And if she grows up expressing a liking for pink tutus I certainly wont hold her back! I don't know how well known this project is, it's quite old so you might have seen it already, but I've only just stumbled upon it...JeongMee Yoon has a project looking at girls obsessed with pink and boys obsessed with blue, here are some of the amazing photos from it...

So cute! The whole project is here

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I'm 26 weeks and 4 days.

My belly button hasn't popped out yet. In fact it seems to have sucked back in! I'll keep you updated on the belly button situation. We've chosen a pram (I think) after a LOT of consideration. I had no idea how big and difficult a decision it would be...there are so many to choose from and so many different things to consider. But I think we're getting an Uppababy Vista(yeah I know that doesn't mean anything to most people), after hours and hours of trawling through reviews and driving around to shops selling buggies (Leeds seems to have a real lack of baby shops). I know that's all very boring, so here are some pretty pictures of rooms I've been drooling over for "inspiration".

Susanna and Jussi Vento's house as seen in a sneak peak here

the country house of Elizabeth Dunker aka fine little day




from varpunen

And I've been collecting more on my pinterest board here

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