Monday, 16 April 2012

bump diary

27 weeks - today (28 weeks and 3 days).

Hey big belly! And hello sensible black maternity dresses (I now have THREE! Seems a bit frivolous but they'll all fit me for at least a few weeks post-baby while I'm rocking a big jelly belly). The salmon pink skirt is from ASOS, I ordered a selection of their maternity wear and had fun trying it all on...I kept 3 or 4 things and sent the rest back. I even got a pair of stretchy maternity jeans! They're an "under the bump" kind without the big belly band, they just have stretchy bit around the pockets, so I think I'll wear them post-pregnancy too. The black dress in the last picture was from ebay and I really like it, I feel much less dumpy than I do in a lot of the maternity stuff I've tried on (most of it drowns me and makes me look as fat as I feel). I've not bought so many clothes since I was a student (I probably buy about 5 items of clothing a year), but I think I've got enough to last me now and I can always sell them on ebay once baby comes.


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