Friday, 15 June 2012

nursing clothes

I'm 37 weeks and a day.

I really feel like I could have a baby any day now. Yesterday I started having quite bad stomach cramps in town and thought my time had come. But alas no. They've yet to build up into anything more than something resembling bad period pains. Which could go on for weeks. I'm so ready now! BUT we're going away for the weekend to my nephew's christening so she's not allowed to arrive til at least next week. You hear that baby? She knows.

So, I've bought a few tops to wear for nursing (i.e. with buttons down the front). It was pretty awkward buying stuff that I can't try on because I'm too MASSIVE, but I know I wont want to go shopping for months once she's here. I don't really like shopping at the best of times, and as all the books seem to warn me I'm probably going to be a bit disappointed by my body for a while. There'll be saggy bits. So I bought stuff about a size bigger than I'd usually wear, stuff that fits me now but doesn't quite accomodate the bump. Just hoping that once the milk "comes in" I don't burst out of them in other areas! Hopefully the baby will magically suck out all the excess weight I've put on. I'm really looking forward to being able to bend down and tie my shoe-laces again, I feel prettttty big right now. I feel a new sympathy for obese people; especially when I'm drinking a cola or eating a magnum in the street and feel all the judgemental eyes on me saying "should you really be eating/drinking that"...I think fat/pregnant people get judged big-time for eating things thin people are allowed to.

I also had a look at the GAP sale today, they have some really cute baby clothes we've been eying up for a while, and although I resisted all the clothes I did get a cute blanket. Can never have too many blankets. Here's a picture, it's got circus animals on it, so cute...

Any way, I thought I'd post this interview I did for a blog because I mostly talk about baby stuff. It's pretty gross. They gave away one of my fox brooches, but it's too late to enter now, sorry! The interview with photos is here, but this is all the text any way....

Y: What is your favorite children's book? AP: Eeek it's so hard choosing a favourite, there are so many gems! Picture books are definitely my favourite type of children's book, but if I had to choose an all-time best-ever it would have to be Tove Jansson's Moomin books. The stories are so whimsical and lovely, and the versions with Jansson's original illustrations are all the more magical. I have been known to read them aloud to myself when feeling glum, and I can't wait to share them with the new arrival...I predict many a bedtime in Moominvalley! But if I'm allowed a quick mention of a second favourite it's got to be the hilarious "I want My Hat Back" by Jon Klassen. It only came out last year but has quickly topped my favourite books chart; it's beautifully printed with dead cute animal pictures, and the story is irresistably funny...we've already read it to the bump and it's proved itself the perfect book to keep us amused just as well as a child, I just hope that baby likes it too otherwise we'll have to read it on our own!

Y: During your pregnancy what is the one food you craved the most? AP: I haven't had an weird and wonderful food cravings, disappointingly! I have lost all willpower when it comes to chocolate and cake, at times I've feared that she'll come out addicted to the stuff! I did have a period of craving pineapple all the time, so hopefully that'll balance out the dark moments when I loose resistance to the bad stuff. I did wonder if I'd crave meat as I'm a vegetarian, but thankfully burgers have never even sprung to mind. I've actually really enjoyed being (fairly) healthy throughtout the pregnancy and thinking about getting all the necessary goodness for baby, so I don't feel too bad about my chocolate splurges!

Y: What are you most looking forward to about being a mom? AP: I couldn't be more excited about being a mum. It's hard to choose something that I'm looking forward to most, as I think my idea of what's important has changed a lot over the time I've been pregnant. At the start I thought stuff like making things for her, and watching her learn and grow, would be amazing, and I am still massively looking forward to these things, but I think I've been reduced to a hormonal stereotypical mum who thinks that talking about nappies and baby-sick is acceptable conversation. As soppy as it sounds I'm mostly just looking forward to caring for this tiny person who loves me, and for her to complete a little triangle of love with me and my partner (a position which the cat currently holds and will be peeved to loose!). I'm already so proud to be pregnant, and can only imagine how good the feeling is once she's out!

Y: What animal do you think you are most like? AP: A few years ago I was absolutely obsessed with pandas. I used "amypanda" as my craft name, and I still love those hapless black and white bears. But I'm probably more of a cat enthusiast now, and they're the animals most like me. Naps, whining for meals, laying out in the sun...they know where it's at. I've got a slightly troublesome black and white cat called Sullivan, and love watching him playing out with his street-friends.

Y: Do you have any new design ideas you're going to introduce to the shop post baby? AP: I do have a few ideas for designs I'd like to try out. I'm really happy to let having a baby influence my work, and have enjoyed looking at all the baby-bits on the market and thinking about things that I could make. I've been thinking about using my brooch designs for mobiles for a while, and I think that I'll probably try out a few designs in my own nursery before selling them to the public. The mallard duck, seagull and fox brooches are fairly new, as is the woodland creature set of finger puppets, and I'd like to continue on this vein with lots more animals, I especially like the idea of making items to help kids learn animals that they're likely to see outside. "The dream" project which I keep putting off is to develop some handmade children's books, they'd probably involve finger puppets and I hope to test them on my little one before I unleash them on the world!

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