Friday, 8 June 2012

dream life

I'm 36 weeks and a day.

Dan's had a 6 day stretch off work, so I've enjoyed having some company for a change. We went for a day out to Hebden Bridge which was suprisingly sunny. We had a lovely walk through the woods, although somehow managed to do the extreme route scrambling up and down steps alongside the water, which was amazing but in retrospect may have been a bit much in my "condition". Hebden Bridge is pretty much my dream place to live, and hopefully Dan's work permitting we'll be able to move there in the next year or two, and raise our little one in idyllic surroundings. I've only been to Hebden a couple of times now, but I'm completely sold! It even has the best toy shop called The Old Treehouse, which has lots of really cute clothes and wooden toys. I somehow managed to resist buying anything, but if we move there I'm sure the nursery/house/child will be decked out with some of their treasures.

I'm in the final few weeks of pregnancy now, can't quite believe it! In case you didn't realise how vague the due date is (I didn't), only a tiny percentage of babies come on that day, so she could come any day two weeks before or after the date. She's actually considered "full term" at 37 weeks, which is next Thursday, although she's unlikely to come until much nearer the date (5th July). In fact she's probably going to be a bit late, as most first babies are, but who knows. Eeek! Braxton Hicks (warm-up contractions) have already begun, but they just feel like bad period pains and could go on for a month yet. It makes sense that it takes a while for your body to get ready for birth, it's crazy that pregnancy is so smooth really when I think about all the things that're going on in my body. The pains come and go at the moment, but I'm guessing that the very beginning of labour will start with these and build up. My energy levels are pretty unpredictable, so I'm trying to get things done when I'm feeling up to it, and napping when I start flagging. I'm so glad I'm not at work, I have no idea how people manage to work right up to the last minute.

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