Friday, 9 March 2012

you go girl

I'm 23 weeks today!

Sometimes when drunk I like to talk about being a strong independent woman. In the stlye of destiny's child. I've obviously not been drunk for a while, but this pregancy business sure makes you think about your role as a woman. It was International Women's Day yesterday. In some countries they have a public holiday and women are bought flowers by their menfolk. I just ate a whole family sized bag of chocolate and had a bubble bath after work. It's exciting to think that there's going to be a new girl around the house... the cat and Dan are both boys so we needed another female to even it out. Well, just wanted to write a post about feeling like a woman really. I've never felt like a real grown-up woman before, so it's a lovely feeling to have reached a new stage in my life. Plus my new funny pregnant boobs have flung me into womanhood.


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