Friday, 23 March 2012

back ache

I'm 25 weeks today!

I don't want to make this a place to have a moan, but unfortunately not much has been going on apart from back ache. I've been off work because it's pretty unbearable. I know that everyone's different and I've probably just got it worse than most mums-to-be, but I feel like a total failure of a pregnant woman. It's a glimpse of what it'll feel like when I'm failing as a mum...and it's not very nice. I've got physio next week and sitting in a hot bath helps, but it's really hard not to get upset about it. A mixture of being tired from not being able to sleep and hormones doesn't help. I've been crying at some really silly things; just today I cried at David Walliams swimming up the Thames on tv.

In cheerier news my mum bought me my first actual "maternity" dress on mother's day, which I'll point out in bump pictures. It's really nice and roomy! And I bought myself this maternity dress on ebay...


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