Monday, 20 February 2012

kitted out for yoga!

I start pregnancy yoga next Wednesday, and I suddenly realised today that I have nothing to wear for such an occassion. I rarely wear trousers and when I do they're jeans, so I had to go and shop for some more sensible leg-wear. I've never worn leggings in my adult life, I think they're just tights with no feet, but it seems that the rounder I get the less I mind about looking silly. It's a lovely feeling! So I've got my first ever pair of grown up leggings. And a gross baggy tshirt. But I feel great in it because I LOVE my bump so much! It makes every outfit a million times better.

I knew that I was going to love growing a bump, but it's surpassed all expectations...I love that instead of worrying about "looking fat" in things, I want to show my belly in all it's glory.

Maybe I'll change my tune in a month or two when I struggle to waddle around

We looked at prams in Mama's and Papa's, and tiny clothes at Baby Gap, yesterday. So exciting!

x x x x x

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