Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I am about 17 and a half weeks.

I love looking at baby stuff online, it feels like research sometimes because there's so much to think about and buy. Most of my favourite things to look at are ridiculously expensive or unneccessary, but the practical stuff is actually quite interesting too. Like how to choose a pram. And a cot. And the luxury stuff is more for inspiration...I'm going to try to make as many things as I can. We'll rely on being given lots of the practical bits, but I'm looking foward to some scouring of nearly new sales/car boots/charity shops for all the bits to make the baby's room amazing.

Some of my favourite blogs from baby related inspiration are;

cakies: a sweet blog by a mum of 4, always packed with pictures of her little girls and has some great inspiration for kids clothes and decorating kids rooms...I love the simple bunting in this picture and could definetely make something similar to drape around a cot.

atelier pour enfants: a brilliant blog on (mostly vintage) children's books and illustration. It's in French but a cute book is a cute book in any language.

finelittleday: one of my favourite blogs any way, but baby-wise this is great for confirmation that I love Swedish design and will be looking for lots of patterns and colours in my second hand shopping for decorative bits. Plus all the doll's house posts are always amazing.

lenacorwin: nice baby textile pictures. I'm desperately searching for a reasonably priced patchwork quilt. might have to be brave and make one.

bkids: the kids section of the bloesem blog is really good. everything is expensive and perfect, but we can all aspire. i like the sneak peak type stuff looking at people's Ines of La Casita de Wendy whose house, and baby, are in the photo below

Cute times ahead x

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