Sunday, 27 January 2013

A is for Apple

Rose has eaten a whole alphabet of foods!

She is so adventurous! I've even been making her a dahl for some all important lentils with plenty of cumin in and she laps it up! They do say that babies taste while they're still in your tummy, and also that flavours get into your breastmilk, so I shouldn't be suprised that she's taking it all in her stride. She's been eating roughly the same things since we started, but seems to vary from day to day with which go down best. Sweet potato has climbed to the top spot of most reliable / sure to go down a treat.

One recent addition to the dinner table is quinoa. Which I have only just learnt to pronounce. "keen-waa". Or something like that. Its lovely and sort of similar to couscous but also perfect for swapping with rice in risotto-type dishes - which we cook a lot. Rose has been eating it just with some cooked garlic and onion, and bits of roast parsnip or squash, and a splash of lemon juice and olive oil, in. She loves it - of course. Its quite tricky to eat so I've mostly been passing her a spoon with it already piled on, although she is good at picking at all the leftover bits on her highchair-table at the end of the meal. Its perfect because if I make a big batch I can then add other veg to our portion, things like mushrooms or tomatoes and feta, things which are unsuitable for her, and we all eat together.

I've learn't loads in these few weeks, and I've really enjoyed being blown away by her development. A lot of things I assumed would be eaten everyday aren't, like toast which she probably has about once a week. The assumption that not much would actually be eaten early on was so wrong, she eats loadssss! Which is great, hopefully she'll be dropping a few milk feeds soon - although I have become rather attached to breastfeeding and might have a little cry when I'm no longer her special milk bar.

We haven't resorted to any processed foods or baby jars, although its really hard work preparing her food every day as well as all the other million mum jobs and I do totally understand that some people just wouldn't have the time to do baby led weaning. I think it helps if you like cooking; I still enjoy cooking an evening meal for me and Dan after shes gone to bed, so there's no getting me out of the kitchen. I like thinking of creative ways for us to eat the same ingredients to save time/wastage - mostly I just eat bits of what shes having for lunch but for tea I might make bread dough to make her breadsticks and us pizza, or she might have a bit of aubergine and I'll bung the rest in a stir-fry for us. Its fun. Mum skills.

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